First everhandily holdable router was long back invented by Oscar Onsrud and Rudy, his son in 1915. They have used compressed air for their design which can operate at 30,000rpm.

best router table

Recently, there were around 300 router tables that got manufactured and for selecting the best one from those, keeping the quality, design and features in mind is a tough job to do. You have to select the best router table wisely among the various options you are being shown and the best one that satisfies all your work needs.

The material used to make this product and the material on the tabletop will make a huge difference. The material used should be suitable enough for the work to be done as it should be able to keep up with the heavy work one does and the vibrations.

The table shouldn’t be moving as the work needs concentration. This will make your work easily without any problems or disturbances.

Few tables come up with a vacuum addition to clean up the surface and make the table look good enough to work on without discomforts.

Among all the router tables, the best ones are listed below and even the tool inspector shows these amazing products as highly rated router tables-

best router table
  • Bosch RA1181 Router Table-

It is said to be very popular and best cabinet router table. This one comes with extraordinary upgrades and a few functional improvements.

This work surface is around 27-Inches broad and 18-Inches deep. This also comes with walls to connect the fence and feather boards. It is one of the best router table.

  • Kreg PRS1045 Router Table–

This Kreg PRS1045 is an extensive router table set that includes

1. Router table

2. Table top and heavy-handed steel parts as handler legs on lockable casters.

There are two large steel supplements under it that give it strengthened support and preclude it from falling under the burden of the router.

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