How Effective are Detox Pills Against a Drug Test?

When it comes to passing a drug test, half of the information available on internet cannot be trusted. With hundreds of sites recommending thousands of remedies for detoxification, there is hardly any proof to back these claims.

Thus it is important to conduct proper research before rolling with any crazy idea on internet.

For instance, one of the safest and foolproof ways of clearing a drug test is to use detox pills.

What are detox pills?

Detox pills have become quite popular in recent years, especially because of their usefulness against marijuana.

A drug test typically looks for metabolites in the body which occur after taking marijuana or any other type of drug.

For example, the active ingredient for Marijuana is THC, which gets converted into metabolites and enters our bloodstream. They are finally passed out but a drug test conducted right after taking marijuana can easily detect them.

The job of detox pills is to actively remove these metabolites from body so that a drug test is not able to detect any!


Is detox water the same as detox pills?

Even though the aim of both these cleansing methods is same, they are vastly different from each other.

The most glaring difference between them is, of course, the result.

According to, the job of detox pills is to permanently flush out toxins in the body that a drug test can detect. But detox water can only stop the effects of toxins temporarily. Also, it can only flush out the metabolites that pass through the bladder.

So a detox drink can work against a drug test only until it is in the system. As soon as it leaves the body, the effects become neutralised. That is why detox pills are far more effective.

How to tell useful pills apart from ineffective ones?

Detox pills are quite easily available. Most big stores have plenty available. However, very few of them are effective against a drug test.

The human body can naturally detoxify itself from the metabolites that occur after taking drugs. However, the process takes quite a long time. The job of detox pills is to ensure that these metabolites exit the system in a short span of time without leaving any trace.

According to, few of the effective pills that help the body to get rid of toxins naturally by hastening the process are- Toxin Rid, Herbal Pre Cleanse and Rescue 5-day detox cleanse.

However, it is best to keep in mind that for chronicsmokers, the chances are that these pills might not work!

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