How to find the best weighted keyboard?

best weighted keyboard

Understanding what every piece of keyboard is intended for, can be both confusing and a tiring job to deal with. Therefore, below a list of keyboard features have been mentioned. So, next time take a glance at them before you go shopping for your dream set of best weighted keyboard.

Number of keys: Generally, a wide range of keyboards are available in the market. They vary in the number of keys. They can range from 25 on small MIDI controllers to up to 88. This feature must be taken into consideration while deciding what type of music you will be going to play. Also, decide the number of keys depending upon your space restrictions.

best weighted keyboard

It’s action: Depending on its action, you can choose your keyboard. You can go for weighted, synth, hammer or non-weighted actions depending upon your requirements. If you want to possess a keyboard which sounds more like a traditional piano, then both weighted and semi-weighted actions can be the best. The synth action gives the feel of an organ and the hammer action simultaneously corresponds to enhancing the overall response.

It’s sensitivity to touch and velocity: Your requirements for your best weighted keyboard can also depend upon this factor. It refers to the ability of the keyboard to measure the speed at which its keys are pressed. It also depends how fast the keyboard creates the sound and correspondingly send a MIDI notification.

It’s ability to perform polyphony: The keyboard’s polyphony depends on the factor how many number of sounds it can generate at a time. It is generally observed that keyboards which possess an extensive range of polyphonic abilities possess the capability to duplicate an entire musical performance.

It’s ability to connect to MIDI: MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface is a well-developed protocol for the purpose of connecting the electronic musical instruments to the computers. These messages comprise of no sounds instead, they help in providing a blueprint to both the hardware and the software. It informs them of what tunes must be played with what speed.

best weighted keyboard

It’s ability to connect to the computer: Look for connectivity options like USB, MIDI, mLAN etc in your keyboard. These interfaces are externally built in order to bridge a proper connection between your computer and keyboard. It would be better if you go for iOS features in keyboards. They provide the best selection for your performance. They also make provision for recording apps which comes with cloud storage. This can exemplify your musical performances to a great deal. Also, take care of the input and output port of the keyboard.

Storage: Go for keyboards that come pre-equipped with the provision of external storage. They include secure digital, flash drives, cards of smart media etc. Connections via USB easily support transfer of data between your keyboard and computer. You can also go for storing the big files in the cloud storage provided to you.

It’s sequencer: The specifications of the keyboard also depends on its sequencer. It helps in recording the performance of it’s MIDI data and replays them in user understandable sequence.

So, these are some of the features which you must consider before buying your own set of best weighted keyboard.

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