Knowing the Different Types of Cargo Hooks

Most of the cargo hooks from Breeze eastern hoist are designed for maximum utility and simplicity for meeting the industry needs. But what is a cargo hook?

A cargo hook is a tool or equipment that is designed to be used for the transportation of external goods during flight operations. These hooks are basically suspended below the smaller helicopters like Bell series, MD, AS, Soloy and few others. Let us see some of the different types of cargo hooks that provides high performance without malfunctions.

Getting familiarized with different types of Cargo Hooks

Breeze eastern hoist

C45-K– This model hooks from Breeze eastern hoist are designed to lift loads that weighs up to 4500lb capacity.  The hook is designed in such a way to lift, transport and exchange external loads suspended from a helicopter through a long cable line. This model requires periodic maintenance to prevent operational failures. Lack of maintenance results in corrosion and rusting of devices and often results in failure of the equipment.

C2-K-RC (Dart Aerospace) – They have the widest portfolio for safe working loads and this hook has the potential to lift up to 2000lbs weight. C2-K-RC hooks by Breeze eastern hoist designed to provide maximum reliability and durability with reduced downtime. They serve as an ideal cargo hook for all major helicopter classes. The rugged construction of this hook makes it highly suitable for rough conditions.

C60-This c-series remote hook can lift loads up to 6000lb capacity, the highest potential of all hooks. The rugged construction of the C60 hook offers increased protection for the whole unit. They are designed using the highest quality metals to provide enduring performance. C60 is provided with best safety features, so they are very popular among ground crews.

Bottom Line

The internal components of most of these hooks are designed with corrosion-resistant steel to provide the finest performance.

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