Prototyping, CNC Prototyping & Rapid Prototyping in Manufacturing

Drastic transformation has occurred over years in technology. The manual techniques are gradually being eliminating from manufacturing processes.  Automation has conquered traditional techniques in manufacturing. Many players in major industries have already moved towards automation. Prototyping, CNC prototyping and rapid prototyping markets are fast emerging. The difference is clear from the names.

Automation technologies

Prototyping is related to development of a prototype. The addition of the term “rapid” adds faster process. CNC is Computer Numerical Control for prototyping. In every automation technology, computer and computer software are key elements, and computer aided design (CAD) and 2D or 3D printing system are supporting elements.

Why rapid prototyping is used

Rapid prototyping is entirely distinct process which is milled out on a Computer Numerical Control machine. This is a unique path for akin results, whenever a process is repeated. This technology is far better than manual technology and cuts tools manufacturing costs. Moreover, bulk production of tools can be made without a single error. The conventional manual technology can’t ensure 100% accuracy, but an automated pre-programmed process can do it as many times the process is repeated.

Best about rapid prototyping

One thing is important because CAD drawing is prepared to set up a program. Each independent drawing may cost very high, resulting in high start-up costs, but these costs are much economical compared to hourly wages required to paid to manual operators. Moreover, the outputs are accurate in CNC or rapid prototyping. The complexity of new designs is also broken by using CNC technology.

Current scenario of rapid prototyping

These are few reasons why more and more industries are switching over to automation and have started making use of CNC prototyping or rapid prototyping for development of complex new designs and conduct their trial run within no time. Rapid prototyping services facilitates in development process. The creation of prototype in a short duration helps industry to dominate in the market due to fast growth.

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