SCG Is for Best Career Opportunity in Thailand

scg สมัครงาน

Thailand is a country for opportunists and the business of employment companies is flourishing in this country. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, accommodates offices of many good employment companies that help the people searching for a job. The good companies have a huge data base of job-seekers in various arenas, and also invite offers from leading companies in various sectors and help them in providing suitable candidates for placement in various openings available with the company. many online job portals having origin have also been set up that help both domestic and foreign job-seekers to get placements in leading Thai businesses.

scg สมัครงาน

SCG career in Thailand

Among few other leading companies, Siam Cement Group (SCG) is one leading company in Bang Sue in Bangkok. SCG helps fresh university graduates seeking jobs and experienced professionals to get placement for job openings available with them. SCG is known for providing a large diversity of jobs from internship level to the top management level.

SCG internship program

SCG extends an invitation to students from all majors and all universities to become a part of the internship program. The internship starts during school year, and the students learn many new things during internship and gain hand-on-hand experience to equip them for their future career. SCG internship serves as a motivational force for meritorious students to think, to be creative and innovative, and to be self- governing so that can be a future leader of the country.

scg สมัครงาน

SCG career events

SCG is also known for career events organized from time to time. These events are career road show, career camp, and career showcase, the details of which are advertised on the website of the company. The interested job-seekers can also apply for these events on the SCG website.

SCG jobs

scg สมัครงาน helps potential job-seekers to get suitable placement in a leading company. If you have a passion for better career, SCG can help you to achieve this objective.

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