Why & How Are Instagram Accounts Hacked

Having accounts on social media networks has become commonplace in contemporary time. There could be quite a few numbers of people who may be using an internet on their computer or mobile phone but not having a social media account because this is the best way to interact socially with worldwide friends, followers or any other individual having an account on the social media platform. There are some people who are engaged in social media interaction most part of the day because this is the best way to popularize on these internet platforms. There are some leading social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more that have millions of users.

More popular more risk of hacking

Instagram is a Facebook Inc. owned photo and video-sharing social networking service and it is one of the poplar social media platforms which is used by millions of users across the globe. Its popularity is due to its feature that allows its users to share short videos and to follow feeds of other users.

Instagram hack

The images can be geotagged with the name of location in Instagram. The more popular is the social media platform, more are users and more is the possibility of account hacking.

Why Instagram hacking

Instagram has many politicians, celebrities, sports people, and other renowned personalities as its users that use this platform for their publicity and image building because this is the easiest way to gain worldwide popularity and to interact with followers. There are people that who may be trying to down these people and they try methods to be successful in their mission. Hacking someone’s social media account is the common way to down hacked person on social media platform.  Instagram hack has, therefore, become a usual activity. There are tools that make Instagram account hacking easier. These tools can be used on computer or mobile phone to hack someone’s Instagram account. The use of some hacking tools is even a child’s play.

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